Bruno Borello Productions



Feature Film

Title:     The Last Bohemian

Genre:  Comedy-Drama

Writers: Bruno Borello and Bill Burman

Logline:    A struggling writer determined to complete his first novel encounters the classic obstacles, including starvation, eviction, and of course, falling in love with a beautiful Italian woman.

Title:       The Outcry

Genre:    Historical Crime Drama/Thriller

Writer:     Bruno Borello

Logline:      Based on a true story in 1933, during the Great Depression in Northern California, a college student's faith in God and his ambition to become a priest are put to the test when he joins an enraged mob of vigilantes seeking to bring to justice two men who kidnapped and murdered his friend.

Title:       Wrath of an Eagle

Genre:    Action/Drama

Writer:    Bruno Borello

Logline:      Based on a true story in 1976, a highly skilled pilot working for an American oil company in Venezuela is wrongly imprisoned and tortured by corrupt government officials. After a ransom is paid for his release, he embarks on an elaborate plan in a modified plane to get his revenge and rescue his friend held in the prison.

Wrath of an Eagle placed in the following screenplay competitions:

Austin Film Festival  2015 - Second Round Finalist in the drama category.

Fresh Voices Screenplay Competition 2014-15 - Finalist (one of three) in the action/adventure category  and also receiving an Honorable Mention.

ScreenCraft Script Contest 2018- Semi-finalist in the action/thriller category.

"Your writing is witty and sharp and vivid. Economy with words moves your multi-layered plot forward with momentum, so much so that I found myself unable to put it down." (Richard Walter, UCLA Screenwriting Chairman)

Television Series

"Welcome To My World"

Half hour comedy series.